A vasectomy is the most effective and convenient form of permanent birth control. At summit Urology, we provide fast and convenient procedures with short recovery times.

Our providers offer both traditional and and no-needle, no- scalpel vasectomies that have you returning to your normal activities, fast.

Why Get a Vasectomy?

There are many reasons to get a vasectomy over other birth control options.

  1. A vasectomy is 99.85% effective in preventing pregnancy
  2. Results are permanent
  3. It is a simple procedure that takes an average of 20-30 minutes in the office, to perform
  4. Vasectomies are safe, and complications are rare. When complications do occur, they are typically, minor, short term, and often resolve on their own.
  5.  Fast recovery; most patients are able to return to work in just a few days, and resume sexual activity in about a week.
  6. No long term side effects. studies have found no correlation between vasectomies and cancer, heart disease,low testosterone or other serious illness.


Although vasectomies can often be reversible, reversing the procedure requires surgery, is more costly than the vasectomy procedure,  and it is not guaranteed to be successful.  Carefully consider whether you will want more children in the future before scheduling your procedure.